Reflection 7 – Response to peer feedback

I received two peer feedbacks that were quite different.

Feedback one was very positive and general. The comments highlighted the good aspects of my blog only. The feedback was not a critical evaluation. I had nothing to consider as no suggestions for improvement were offered. As a student I enjoyed the positive feedback but was frustrated at the lack of other input.

Feedback two was positive and offered suggestions. The question was raised as to the use of  hyperlinks in my blog. On reflection I considered the use of hyperlinks was most appropriate. Howell states “a typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs, webpages and other media related to its topic” (Howell, 2012,  p. 156). The links create interaction with images, videos and webpages that specifically supported points in my reflections. Also, the links will take the reader to the work I was required to post from the learning activities completed throughout the semester. I did take into account and act on the suggestion to make the blogs appearance more creative and improve my use of widgets.

Providing feedback to other students was a useful exercise. My feedback to others made me evaluate my blog more critically.

Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT. Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and
Creativity. Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press.