Reflection 5 – Using the technology Sploder!


My son Benjamin (grade three) creating a Sploder game

I found the topic digital blurring thought provoking. I am not one of the people as stated by Jane McGonigal who collectively spend three billion hours per week playing games online but I do see educational value playing online games (McGonigal, 2010). I have witnessed my own children playing games on the internet or PlayStation that are interactive, collaborative, creative, imaginative and inventive. I see online games as offering children social interchange where persuasion and negotiation may be required. Online games can provide opportunities for learning and developing skills such as strategic planning and complex problem solving skills. These are life skills.


Benjamin in thinking mode.

I found the experience of creating my Sploder game  involved planning, designing, problem solving and the use of technical skills. I found using the “link connects” and the “link logic” somewhat difficult and was unsurprised when my grade three, nine year old son Benjamin demonstrated his digital fluency by immediately creating a game using the links! Game creation using Sploder would be a beneficial learning experience for children.

Sploder consider game design uses both sides of the brain (Sploder!). I was interested to find Sploder reflects Jane McGonigal’s innovative way of thinking that “we believe that the world can be changed by creative people who use their minds to make the world better” (Sploder!).


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Gabe Zichermann – How games make kids smarter



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