Reflection 4 – Using the technology Scratch

scartachDigital fluency can be defined as “the ability to use digital technologies in a confident manner” (Howell, 2012, p. 243). To participate in the digital world we all require some level of this. As a future teacher I will need to be as digitally fluent as possible. I see my role is to facilitate the development of students’ digitally fluency by building on and expanding their existing skills. I see learning in the digital world as a collaborative process between teachers and students.

einsteinThis week my task was to create a Scratch Animation. I found the creation of my Scratch game a difficult process. I understand as a future teacher I will need to provide students with a wide range of technological experiences. I see my challenge as providing on the one hand technological experiences which I am confident in using and on the other hand technological experiences that will challenge me and also the students. Although I had difficulty using Scratch, some students would find this easy. Using this program would be an opportunity for collaboration between myself and my students.

Scratch is a creative practical application that supports the development of cognitive processes that could form the basis of an engaging learning experience.

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