Reflection 3 – Pinterest

pinterest poster

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As a long time user and admirer I focused on the digital information website Pinterest. The online visual pin-boarding website allows you to collect, share and store ideas, images and videos. I found the exercise of pinning different types of digital information we encounter onto my Pinterest account enlightening. I had never before considered using Pinterest as a valuable teaching resource. I now see the educational potential.

There are numerous resources available for teachers to support children’s learning such as free teaching apps, educational videos, tutorials, lesson plans, homework activities and educational games. Pinterest is a source of unlimited inspirational and creative ideas. There are opportunities to share and collaborate with other teachers about such things as teaching methods and strategies. There are links to teacher blogs and educational posts. Pinterest is a tool for professional development.

There are many creative ways to use the Pinterest website in the classroom and to supplement lessons. As children learn in a variety of ways and engage in creative interactive activities I found Pinterest to be an excellent visual discovery tool and digital information website. Images, videos, articles and stories available can assist children grasp topics. Teaching using Pinterest is an opportunity for teachers to reinforce to children the importance of critically evaluating and assessing information they find on the internet.


Barnes, M. (2014, February 7). 16 Ways Educators Use

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