Reflection 2 – Infographics

Infographics are a creative, visual way of presenting complex data. They are a different way of finding and experiencing information. Infographics “makes information presentable and digestible” (, 2014). “A good infographic is worth a thousand words” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2014).

I found creating an infographic fun and creative. I chose to use a website called It was user friendly and offered a good selection of free themed templates appropriate for a beginner.

The infographic topic was the digital divide. With the many complex issues pertaining to the subject and the enormous amount of information available,  I found the most challenging part of creating my infographic was choosing information to highlight as a focus. Creativity and design is unlimited. The diversity of the topic is represented by the diverse infographics other students posted. I liked Leanne Haley’s infographic because it was a simple presentation that made a quick impact.

I see merit in children creating infographics as a learning tool.  They are creative, experimental and are a purposeful activity to help develop children’s digital fluency. With teacher guidance creating an infographic would be an engaging learning activity for children working together in small groups creating visual essays.


Oxford Dictionaries (2014). Language Matters. Retrieved from (2014). What is an infographic? Retrieved from

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